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Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos Encapsultaion coatings can be somewhat of a grey area for contractors and consulting engineers as there is huge variance in the specifications given by paint specifiers and paint suppliers. Encapsulating coating systems for asbestos can vary in film thickness with some systems specifying as low as 150 microns DFT, and others going as high as 1000 microns DFT (and above). Similarly the lifetime of such systems varies from 5 years coating systems that are being guaranteed for up to twenty years. Due to the nature of Asbestos, special attention has to be put into product selection. It is recommended to choose a product that has been independently tested and approved for application onto an asbestos substrate. Paint Inspection Irelands paint inspectors can oversee your coating specification for you.

It is advised that either the consulting engineers or the painting contractors have a painting inspector on board to ensure that the specification is adequate and that it will meet the clients requirements. It is often recommended that a paint inspector is onsite to monitor the preparation of the substrate and the application of the products as this is the most vital stage. It is often the quality of the preparation that is the most crucial element in determining the life expectancy of the coating system.

It is important to note that only trained contractors who have experience working with asbestos are to be used in the preparation/cleaning phase (this is only a recommendation, but in terms of safety/insurance/etc. it is well advised to do so). Use of a high pressure closed box cleaning system is the norm for cleaning asbestos substrates prior to coatings being applied. A filtration system is required for collecting the contaminated wash product. 

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Monitoring painting contracts: Onsite inspection for the duration of a project
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Plant Surveys: Upgrading existing paint specifications in large facilities