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Overseeing paint & coatings projects – contract management


Paint Inspection Ireland can be hired from a project to project basis. We can give a quote for projects that would require just one day visit to projects that span months and require a site visit on a regular or weekly basis.

Fill us in on your project details and we will work with you to establish when the critical inspection times are.

Generally on large scale projects the most important times to have a paint inspector involved are:

  • Pre-contract meeting to approve and agree on the paint specification. Also meet with the contractor and agree procedures.
  • Post blasting, to check blast quality.
  • After surface preparation has been carried out to perform surface cleanliness checks to ensure that the substrate was adequately cleaned and free of contamination. 
  • Check environmental and surface conditions immediately prior to painting commencing and ensure correct handling of the product. At the pre-contract meeting agreement will be made on the environmental conditions that are necessary for painting to commence. General checks that are made include: application of the stripe coat, recoat intervals, wet and dry film thickness, pin hole detection, etc.
  • Post priming, check D.F.T. readings and perform an adhesion check. Check environmental conditions prior to the intermediate coat being applied. Regular checks are performed at each to monitor the application of the coatings.
  • Post intermediate coat, again check D.F.T. readings and perform adhesion check. Check environmental conditions prior to the topcoat being applied.
  • Finish coat applied – check total D.F.T. readings and perform a general visual inspection.

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Monitoring painting contracts: Onsite inspection for the duration of a project
Pre-contract meetings: Approving paint specifications and agree procedures
Plant Surveys: Upgrading existing paint specifications in large facilities